Street Fair Fun!

Written by: Rucksana Visakan

On May 13th, I had the pleasure of attending the Simi Valley Street Fair and City Expo. I remember all of the fresh scents and sugary smells that filled the air that day. Multiple booths were stationed down Cochran Street, and so many Simi Valley residents walked around with family, friends, and pets as they visited all of the different booths.

This event was bittersweet for me because I knew that this was my last event for Simi Valley Conserves. I enjoyed seeing everyone in my community having fun and communicating with each other. Most importantly, I loved speaking with all of these residents and informing them about the program and how much Simi Valley Conserves has given back to the community these past months. The individuals I met at the Simi Valley Street Fair and Expo were extremely interested in the organization and were happy to learn and support local high school students.

All of the residents who stopped by our booth gladly took a flyer and stayed for a while to listen to what my fellow Energy Ambassadors and I had to say about Simi Valley Conserves. I was surprised and pleased by how all of us were able to speak to these adults with ease. I was proud of all of us, too! We all have come so far from when the program began, and all of us have improved our speaking skills significantly. As I looked at all of my fellow Energy Ambassadors, I knew I would miss working with them and watching them engage with those around us.

During the street fair, I was also happy to engage with the younger children and students who were eager to learn more about energy conservation. The children were interested in learning facts and tips and tricks on how they can save energy at home. Our colorful prize wheel attracted different individuals to our booth, and all the ambassadors worked together to increase environmental awareness and help residents sign up for home consultations.

As I engaged with more residents, I was overfilled with joy because I knew I was making a difference working at the booth and informing community members about Simi Valley Conserves. This organization has made a difference in so many people’s lives and has provided residents with advice that they will remember for a lifetime. I will never forget all that this program has taught me, and I will always be grateful for being a part of this organization.

Although I am sad to see Simi Valley Conserves come to an end, I will never forget the memories I have made with all of the Energy Ambassadors, who I can now call my close friends. This was an experience I will always remember and one that will certainly help me in the future!

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