Energy Guide: Weird and Wacky Energy Tips

Written by: Anushka Vakil

  • Use Your TV as a Light Source

Late-night binge watching? Next time you’re sucked into a TV show, keep your electricity bills in mind. Use your TV as a light source instead of turning on unnecessary lights.

  • Exercise to Keep Warm

Reach for the treadmill instead of your thermostat to keep warm. Your heating and cooling system uses the most energy in your home and can cost you thousands a year. Best of all, you get a great workout!

  • Block Your Fireplace

Let’s get real. Hardly anyone uses their fireplace in this SoCal heat. Make sure your smoke shield remains closed to prevent cool indoor air from escaping.

  • Put Plants on Your Roof

Your roof can absorb up to 90% of the energy from the sun, keeping your house extra warm during the summer months. Try planting small shrubs on your roof instead to keep your house cool all summer long.

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