Energy Guide: Technology in Your Home

Written by: Jasanpreet Pandher

Most of the time, technology is useful in our daily lives. Technology is what allows us to go paperless or share and edit documents online. While there are many advantages to using technology, we must use it responsibly, as it does come with a high use of energy.

Below are simple tips and tricks for maintaining and managing your technology in compliance with the environment:

  • Buying
    • When buying a certain type of device, be sure to look into model, battery life, etc. Some devices, such as laptops, are an ENERGY STAR appliance. ENERGY STAR appliances use less energy, helping you in the long run.
  • Charging
    • When charging is complete, unplug the charger.
      • Phantom power draws electricity use even when no device is being charged. Phantom power can account for 15% of your home’s energy usage.
    • To charge faster, place your phone/device in airplane mode
    • Use a proper charger (preferably from the manufacturer)
      • Many alternate chargers can be found almost anywhere and, just because they fit, does not mean they are always safe for your phone. Some alternate chargers may end up ruining your phone, leaving you to charge for prolonged periods of time and wasting more energy.
  • Disposal
    • When getting rid of an old device, be careful how you handle your E-Waste. For a list of local E-Waste centers in your area, please visit:

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