Why You Should Intern in High School

Written by: Anushka Vakil

If you’re a regular high school student, you probably think summer is the perfect time to binge watch the latest Netflix shows without feeling like you’re pushing off your homework. And while you should certainly relax during your break, everything is good in moderation. This summer, consider taking up an internship instead.

My first internship was with Simi Valley Conserves, a nonprofit program that helps local residents save money on their energy bills. However, this internship taught me much more than the difference between an LED and fluorescent light bulb. It was my first job, and jobs provide you with the life skills needed to get bigger and better jobs in the future.

Throughout my internship, I learned important time-management skills, which I’ve struggled with, as well as the importance of always showing up to your shifts and the image you put forth when you don’t. I’ve learned how to talk to employers, work with customers, and develop open lines of communication between other members of my team.

You may be thinking, “Wouldn’t I learn all these things from a regular job and not an internship?”. And the answer is, yes, you might. But an internship has one thing a job at your local McDonald’s doesn’t: the ability to gain experience in a future career field. I’ve gained significant experience in environmental technology and energy efficiency and if I choose to go into these fields in college, I’ll be well prepared.

Here’s my advice: Don’t miss the chance to intern during your high school years, ask locals if any internships are available, and use connections to your advantage.

Best of Luck!

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