Hugs 4 Hearts: A Memorable Experience

Written by: Rucksana Visakan

On Sunday, May 7th, I had the wonderful opportunity to work the Simi Valley Conserves booth at the Hugs 4 Heart event that took place at Rancho Simi Community Park. The weather was cool and the air was clean as I spent my day in a park that I have loved and frequently visited since I was young. I enjoyed the time I spent speaking with Simi Valley residents and speaking with other individuals who had their own booths. I loved getting to know the residents who were interested in our program, and I especially loved teaching the younger children about environmental awareness and ways they can save energy at home.

Many Simi Valley residents were delighted to see student interns taking initiative and informing others on how they can make an impact on the environment. Many of the adults I spoke to were happy to hear that Simi Valley Conserves sponsors a student internship program that provides students with work experience that will benefit us in the future. Many adults happily signed up for home consultations, knowing that they were going to make a big difference in their own lives as well as ours. It was also interesting to listen to the different ways residents were already saving energy at home, and they were all interested in ways that can save more energy and more money on their monthly utility bill.

My favorite part of the entire outreach had to be getting to know other residents who had their own booths at the park. These individuals were also passionate about their businesses and organizations. I loved hearing about their stories on how they started their own businesses. They were all so interested in Simi Valley Conserves and loved how my fellow Energy Ambassadors and I were passionate about our city and the environment.

Learning about how many Simi Valley residents are interested in energy conservation really made me realize why I love this program so much. Not only does Simi Valley Conserves provide students interns with work experience, but it also allows us to engage with our community members and learn more ways we can help impact the earth for future generations. Simi Valley Conserves has also taught me how to speak publicly and comfortably in front of adults to teach them helpful energy saving tips they can use in their own lives. This program has left a wonderful impression on me and all of my fellow Energy Ambassadors, but most importantly it has given me memories that I will never forget.

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