Energy Guide: Saving Energy while Saving Time

Written by Neha Upponi

The whole point of carpooling or using public transportation is to save you time and energy –> your own physical energy. But have you ever considered how much more energy and money can be saved carpooling or using public transportation?

There are many ways to save energy and money when traveling by car. Carpooling with other people who you work with or attend school with is one of the most efficient ways to split and cut down on individual fuel costs. By carpooling with others, you are also able to make sure that everybody in the car arrives at the necessary location on time and ready. Having multiple people share the same car ride everyday effectively takes more cars off the road and helps the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.

Public transportation lowers the amount of energy used for transportation both in general and for the individual. Riding public transportation saves energy in general because, per person, the energy use of one vehicle is far lower than it would be if each person were to use a smaller vehicle like a car, motorcycle, or moped. This type of transportation also assures low spending as it is often less expensive to use a bus or train than it is to continuously pay for fuel and car maintenance.

If you already use public transportation as your primary method of traveling, there are still ways to improve the process to save even more energy. In order to reduce the number of trips on public transportation, try researching the most efficient route to take, in order to reduce the number of transfers or other issues that might increase your spending.


Ways to Save Energy on Transportation

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