Energy Guide: Energy Efficiency in the Bathroom

Written by: Rucksana Visakan

Did you know the best way to ensure an energy efficient bathroom is to reduce the amount of water that is used? Not only is water saved, but the amount of energy needed to move water around is reduced. If you’re looking for tips on how to improve energy efficiency in your bathroom, then look no further! Here are a few simple ways you can start saving energy in your bathroom.

  1. Invest in a low flow toilet
    If you are thinking of investing in a low flow toilet, make sure the toilet is a dual flush. Dual flush toilets have two different flush rates depending on what you are flushing. If you don’t have a dual flush toilet, you can install a flush converter, which allows you to change your toilet’s settings depending on how much water you need per flush. One of the cheapest options to save energy in your bathroom is to install a tank bag, which displaces an amount of water used in the tank therefore reducing the amount of water used per flush. And don’t forget to check for leaks for drips in your toilet tank or supply line, because this alone can waste gallons of water a day!
  2. Look out for high efficiency showerheads
    Most households have showerheads with flow rates of 2.5 gallons per minute. However, modern high efficiency showerheads can reduce that amount by half or more, meaning we can conserve even more energy and water! Newer efficient showerheads maintain pressure without sacrificing water flow for efficiency like earlier models did. This means that you won’t be able to tell the difference when changing your showerheads and you can continue to shower in comfort!
  3. Check out some high efficiency faucets
    Just like high efficiency showerheads, high efficiency faucet aerators are easy to install and can reduce your faucet usage by at least half! Not only are the aerators easy to install, but they are also one of the cheapest options for reducing water usage in your home. Just like high efficiency showerheads, newer models of aerators are designed to keep pressure high while reducing the flow and the amount of water used. Also, don’t forget to check for leaks or drips in your faucets, as they can waste gallons of water a day.
  4. Don’t forget to check your bathroom lighting
    Most households have bathrooms that are over lit. In order to check the brightness of your bathroom, use a light meter to compare your measurements to national standards of lighting needs. Additionally, if you have a four or five bulb vanity above your bathroom sink, feel free to unscrew at least two of them. This will significantly decrease the amount of electricity used in your bathroom and still provide you with enough light in the bathroom. Also, make sure to swap out any old incandescent bulbs in your bathroom for LEDs, which will cut your energy usage by 85%!

I hop these tips will help you improve your energy efficiency in the bathroom. If you are interested in learning additional facts about saving money and energy in your home, click here!

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