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Energy Guide: Summer Energy-Saving Tips

Need a few simple tips for saving energy this summer? You've come to the right place! Neha Upponi has created a list of the best energy-saving tips to keep you cool and your wallet full this summer!

Energy Guide: Weird and Wacky Energy Tips

I'm sure you know all the normal tips and trick for savings energy in your home. A lot of those tips are available on this site! But what about the weird and wacky tips that can lower your bills? Anushka Vakil has created a list of the weirdest and wackiest ways you can save in your home. I bet you haven't thought of these tips!

Street Fair Fun!

On May 13th, Rucksana Visakan was able to attend the Simi Valley Street Fair and City Expo. The event was bittersweet for Rucksana because this was her last event with Simi Valley Conserves. Rucksana enjoys speaking with all of these residents and informing them about the program and how much Simi Valley Conserves has given back to the community these past months.

Energy Guide: Technology in Your Home

Most of the time, technology is useful in our daily lives. Technology is what allows us to go paperless or share and edit documents online. While there are many advantages to using technology, we must use it responsibly, as it does come with a high use of energy. Jasanpreet Pandher has summarized simple tips and tricks for maintaining and managing your technology in compliance with the environment.

Why You Should Intern in High School

If you’re a regular high school student, you probably think summer is the perfect time to binge watch the latest Netflix shows without feeling like you’re pushing off your homework. And while you should certainly relax during your break, everything is good in moderation. This summer, consider taking up an internship instead! Anushka Vakil's internship with Simi Valley Conserves was her first job, and this job provided her with the life skills needed to get bigger and better jobs in the future.

Energy Guide: Top 5 Energy Tips

If you’re like most Americans, you probably think the little things you can do to save energy in your home won’t add up over time. And, like most Americans, you’re incorrect. Read more to find out about the simple tips that can add up to save money on your energy bills.

Hugs 4 Hearts: A Memorable Experience

On Sunday, May 7th, Rucksana Visakan had the wonderful opportunity to work the Simi Valley Conserves booth at the Hugs 4 Heart event at Rancho Simi Community Park. She enjoyed her time spent speaking with Simi Valley residents who were interested in our program, and she especially loved teaching the younger children about environmental awareness and ways they can save energy at home.

Energy Guide: Saving Energy while Saving Time

The whole point of carpooling or using public transportation is to save you time and energy --> your own physical energy. But have you ever considered how much more energy and money can be saved carpooling or using public transportation? Neha Upponi, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves, is here to break down the facts for you.

Event Recap: Senior Center Wellness Expo

The Simi Valley Senior Center Wellness Expo was by far Keyla Pech's favorite event to attend. She was able to meet new members of her community, build a stronger relationship with her co-worker and receive several sign ups for our home energy consultations. Read more to learn all about Keyla's experience at the wellness expo.

Energy Guide: Energy Efficiency in the Bathroom

Did you know the best way to ensure an energy efficient bathroom is to reduce the amount of water that is used? Not only is water saved, but the amount of energy needed to move water around is reduced. If you’re looking for tips on how to improve energy efficiency in your bathroom, then look no further! Rucksana Visakan has gathered a few simple ways you can start saving energy in your bathroom right now!