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Energy Guide: Save Big with Energy Efficient Refrigerators!

Do you know if your refrigerator is helping or hurting your wallet? What about that second fridge you have in the garage? A refrigerator upgrade can save up to 30% on your energy consumption annually - saving you up to $300 in the next five years! Learn more refrigerator tips and tricks from Jasanpreet Pandher, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves.

Event Recap: Library Blowout SUCCESS!

Simi Valley Conserves has new student Energy Ambassadors and they are eager to get to work in their community and encourage residential energy savings! To see how eager, let Ruth Regi, a new Energy Ambassador, describe the recent success at the Simi Valley Public Library Blow Out Book Sale event.

Energy Guide: Use Technology the Smart Way!

How much do you know about the energy consumption of the devices you use every day? Computers are a part of our every day lives, but you may not know how their usage impacts the environment or your energy bills. Instead of upgrading to a more efficient device, let Victoria Munoz, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves, explain how simple behavior and habit changes can produce large savings.

Energy Guide: How to Tame your Thermostat

Did you know the highest energy user in your home is your heating and cooling system? To become more energy efficient and reduce your monthly energy bills, you may be in the market for a thermostat upgrade. If you don't know where to start when it comes to thermostats, let Keyla Pech, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves, break it down for you.

Saving Big in Simi Valley

Are you interested in saving energy, but don't know where to start? Listen to Anushka Vakil, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves, and start small to save big! Start with Simi Valley Conserves and let us develop an energy savings plan just for you!

New Year, New Ways to be Energy Efficient!

As we enter the New Year, what are your resolutions? Do they involve bettering the environment and reducing your energy usage? If not, let Victoria Munoz, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves, tell you why being more energy efficient should be part of your New Year's resolution.