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Energy Guide: Secrets of Solar

Going solar is not a secret. But most homeowners when presented with the opportunity to go solar say "No." Learn the secrets about why you SHOULD go solar. Let Anushka Vakil, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves, share the secrets for a brighter future.

Energy Guide: How do you wash your clothes?

There are several ways to save energy while you wash your clothes. Let Angie Rodriguez, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves, teach you how one simple change can save you energy and lower your bills every month!

Event Recap: Toddlers and Trucks

Anushka Vakil, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves, recently attended the Simi Valley Police Foundation's Touch a Truck event. This was a rewarding event for Anushka as she experienced her favorite part of tabling. Read more to see what Anushka enjoys the most about attending events!

Refer a Friend, Receive a Gift Card!

Simi Valley Conserves offers a Referral Program for all of its participants. Refer a friend, receive a gift card - it's that easy! Sign up for your free energy consultation and start spreading the word!

Stop Wasting, Start Saving!

We know that not everyone has the time to discover energy savings within their own home. Why not let Simi Valley Conserves help you? Anushka Vakil, one of our newest Energy Ambassadors, will tell you that there are many ways to save around your home and they add up faster than you think! Read more to learn how you can save by changing one simple heating habit.

What can Simi Valley Conserves do for you?

How many of you know what Simi Valley Conserves can do for you? I bet you don't know the half of it! Let one of our Energy Ambassadors, Jake Huizing, explain how Simi Valley Conserves is here to help you save energy and money every month. We offer a ton of free services to help you achieve your energy-saving goals. Read on to learn more!

How Much Do You Know About Simi Valley Conserves?

Simi Valley Conserves is a community program designed to educate Simi Valley residents about energy efficient solutions for the home. Our program recently launched and we're still trying to spread the word! Read more about what the program can offer residents as described by Keyla Pech, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves.