My Experience (So Far!) as an Energy Ambassador


Written by: Jake Huizing

I have worked with Simi Valley Conserves as an Energy Ambassador for almost two months now. My experience so far has been very enjoyable, between being able to enlighten customers of the multiple ways to save energy, and working alongside my fellow ambassadors. From training and hands on experience, I have been able to greatly improve my social skills. I enjoy teaching people different tips and tricks that they might not have previously known about, and now I can do it confidently.

Recently, we had an informational booth set up at the Simi Valley Public Library during the Halloween Family Fun Day event. We were given the opportunity to talk to numerous residents about where they were spending the most money in their homes and how they could save money and energy on their monthly utility bills. We were able to educate countless Simi Valley residents and many were greatly satisfied with our information.

If you are interested in having Energy Ambassadors visit you for a free energy consultation, sign up here.


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