Energy Guide: Make More Cents


Written by: Kyler Escutia

Isn’t it pretty ludicrous how much we spend on gasoline today? Typically averaging around $3.50 per gallon, owning a gasoline powered car can be very expensive. And gasoline prices only seem to be increasing. It is for this primary reason that electric cars are much better alternatives, despite seeming dauntingly expensive, initially. The truth is that electric fueling only costs $0.05-$0.10 cents per every gallon. Economists predict that in 20 years gasoline will rise to an uncanny price of over $15 dollars per gallon. This means that by purchasing an electric car can save close to $15 a gallon if you were to go electric. But why not start saving now, and start helping the environment?


Furthermore, solar systems are much better alternatives to utility-priced electricity. Whether you lease, finance or buy your system, the electricity cost is set at one price. And to sweeten the deal, that price is nearly equivalent to, or even sometimes less than, your local utility! There is no reason to continue spending so much money on in-home electricity and gasoline, when you can make a dramatically beneficial transition to solar and electric cars. For more information about energy saving decisions for you and your home, and money, sign up for a free in-home energy consultation from Simi Valley Conserves by clicking here.




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