My First Day on the Job


Written by: Angie Rodriguez

My first day with Simi Valley Conserves started with the Energy Ambassador training. I went with my friend who was also offered the position of Energy Ambassador. I was nervous at first because I didn’t really know what to expect and I would be working with people I did not really know. Yet, even though I was nervous, I still was very open minded. By the time I entered the training room everyone was very welcoming and had bright smiles on their faces.

The training started with introducing ourselves, just to get comfortable with each other. Everyone was so nice and all of us Energy Ambassadors got along perfectly from the start. Besides the polite and welcoming people, learning about the job was very amusing. I never really learned about conserving energy. I used to think it was so simple, but I learned there was so much more to it than I thought. The training in general was very interesting and I was very proud that by the end of the three training sessions I felt like an energy expert.


Our first official work day was at the Living Green Expo. It was really exciting yet it was nerve wracking at the same time. I thought it was going to be easy to get people interested in participating in Simi Valley Conserves. I was wrong, but that did not stop me from trying. I kept asking and telling people about the program and I received a good amount of signatures by the end of the day. I was very proud of myself because even though some people did just ignore me I kept on going. That first day of work was not just a learning experience, it was also a life experience.

I highly recommend this program – I just started and I already have a great passion for it! To sign your home up for a free in-home energy consultation, click here!

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