Energy Guide: Shower and Save!


Written by: Victoria Munoz

While humming away and lathering, the last thing to cross your mind would be the question of how much water is being used up during this process. To give you an idea, about 30% of your home’s water usage is directly from showering alone! An average showerhead can spout over 2 gallons of water per minute, but with the simple act of visiting our EnergyCenter website, you will be introduced to many products that can benefit your home and help to conserve energy and money. Showerheads that are water-efficient cut the gallons per minute in half while still performing the same job as your older model, maybe even better! Water-efficient showerheads also come in different varieties that range from the fixed models to models with multiple spray options to the favored hand held showerhead.


Although purchasing a new appliance would help make the biggest difference, there are many other profitable ways to help save water! Minimizing your shower time to 8 minutes or less is a big step you can take to help reach the biggest savings. With routine and determination, you can cut the time down even further saving you even more money! Little everyday tasks such as turning off a faucet when not in use along with fixing any leaking pipes, build up to make a big difference!

Our everyday use of appliances can play an oblivious role when you are unaware of the cost of your habits! So it is our main objective to inform you about the little tips and tricks that can be done around your home that result in BIG savings! Are you interested in learning about other ways you can reduce your utility bill? Contact us about scheduling a free in-home energy consultation by clicking here.

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