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My Experience (So Far!) as an Energy Ambassador

Jake Huizing shares how his experience as an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves has helped him learn new skills and be the best energy expert. He's been an ambassador for a short time, but he is ready to help the residents of Simi Valley conserve energy and save money!

Event Recap: Tooth Fairy Fun Run and Health Expo

Keyla Pech, an Energy Ambassador, recently attended the Free Clinic of Simi Valley Tooth Fairy Fun Run and Health Expo. Read more to see how the event went and what it is like speaking to strangers about Simi Valley Conserves!

Energy Guide: Make More Cents

Have you considered purchasing an electric car or installing solar on your roof? These are big decisions! Read more to find out what Kyler Escutia, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves, thinks about electric cars and going solar.

Energy Guide: Shower and Save!

Do you know how much water your showers consume? Let Victoria Munoz, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves, teach you how minor habit changes can lead to big savings!

Energy Guide: How much do you know about Smart Power Strips?

Do you know how smart power strips can help reduce your home's energy usage? Learn the answer to this question and more from Keyla Pech, an Energy Ambassador for Simi Valley Conserves.

My First Day on the Job

Angie Rodriguez, an Energy Ambassador at Royal High School, shares with you her experience completing the Energy Ambassador training and the outcome of her first day on the job.

The Living Green Expo: Our First Event

Did you attend the Living Green Expo in September? Simi Valley Conserves was there to speak to you about energy savings around your home! Kyler Escutia shares how successful the event was for himself and his fellow Energy Ambassadors.