Introducing Simi Valley Conserves - PROGRAM COMPLETED

Have you noticed the new construction around town; the solar panels being added Simi Valley Civic Center and more? Improvements at several municipal sites will save the City of Simi Valley money on its utility bills. And through Simi Valley Conserves, the energy savings opportunity extends to the entire community!

Simi Valley Conserves has two key components: Energy saving software and home consultations for residents, and paid internships for students. Learn more about both throughout this website.

Simi Valley Conserves is a joint program by the City of Simi Valley and ENGIE Services U.S., and is designed to create a stream of benefits: Students receive job training and work experience during their internships, helping residents save energy and money. These residents will spend their savings dollars locally, helping to build a stronger economy in Simi Valley.

Learn more about this joint program here.

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Use our free software tools to learn more about saving energy in your home. Sign up for a free home consultation from local students and energy experts to get additional personalized recommendations.
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Are you a high school student in Simi Valley interested in energy conservation and environmental awareness? Become an Energy Ambassador and help residents save energy. Our energy experts will provide training and supervision. Gain valuable work experience, help your community, and get paid doing it!
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